Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will Work for Chocolate Croissant!

Essence Catering Scottsdale Phoenix Glendale Tempe

Even though we avoid trans fat, HFCS and the like, I still love my pastries and desserts.  So, I was very excited when I found this bakery in Tempe at 825 W University called Essence Bakery and Cafe.  They serve breakfast and lunch (with lots of organic options), as well as offer wonderful pastries. 

The owner Eugenia Theodosopoulos was trained in Paris and you can tell!  I was there just last week and I can attest to the fact that they have the most wonderful pastries.  I had a pumpkin macaroon (yum!), as well as a chocolate filled, almond covered croissant.  Oh. my. Lord.  Delicious!!!  You can check out a link to her bakery website here.    I've also tried many of their other pastries (mint macaroons, croissants, chocolate croissants, raisin rolls, etc) and all have been so very delicate, flaky and delicious. 

I also love the fact that this shop is a local, one of a kind place.  I enjoy frequenting and giving my business to local shops and businesses.  And I love it that this bakery owner is environmentally friendly, through green remodeling and purchasing foods that are raised and grown locally.  You can read more about how Essence Bakery is environmentally responsible here.

Now, if I could just get the owner to read this post, maybe she'll give me a free macaroon?!?


  1. Yum!Hopping over from SITS, love your blog, So happy I found you,. Hugs

  2. Good for you and your commitment to feeding your family good food! I hope you get a few free macaroons! Your blog is beautiful, so glad I found you. Visiting from SITS.

  3. Oh! I forgot to add. We have the same first name. :)

  4. Katherine-Thanks for stopping by :)!

    Melanie-Funny, you don't find too many Melanie's out there :). I hope I do get a free macaroon, they are yummy!!