Monday, June 6, 2011

Pizza Snack!

My boys love pizza.  Amost as much as their father and I.  We usually do pizza night on Friday or Saturday of every week.  It's a great meal to end a busy week of school and work.  Since we are a TFF, HFCS, MSG free family that means I get to MAKE the pizza.  From scratch, including the sauce (which is very easy.  I have included the recipe below).  This takes some planning and about 3 hrs of my time (not all active cooking, thank goodness for the bread machine that I "borrowed" from my mom about 3 years ago).  Don't get me wrong, it is so very worth it, but sometimes we just want a pizza snack and we want it fast.  So, I came up with super simple recipe for my boys.  They love it and sometimes they get it as their dinner when I didn't get the pizza dough in the bread machine fast enough.  I just add some fruit and milk to round out their meal!

Flatbread from Trader Joe's. 
Very similar to gyro bread.

Pizza Snack
-Middle Eastern Flat Bread (See picture on the left)
-Pizza Sauce (see recipe below)
-Mozzarella Cheese

Turn oven on bake at 425 degrees.  Add a spoonful of pizza sauce onto the flat bread and cover with cheese.  Place additional toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, or other veggies on top of cheese, if you wish (Boars Head makes a nice nitrite/nitrate free pepperoni).  Place mini pizza's directly on rack in oven (for a crispy crust).  Bake about 4-5 minutes! 

Homemade Pizza Sauce
1 large can crushed tomatoes
Dash of Italian Seasoning
Pinch of sugar
1 tsp Olive oil

Simmer above ingredients for 20 min.  I usually make a large batch of this and freeze in ziploc containers, that way I don't have to make it from scratch every time I make the Pizza Snack or homemade pizza for that matter.

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